Petteri Pucilowski

Hello! My name is Petteri Pucilowski - welcome to my blog! I run an online retail business with my wife - the main focus is women’s clothing and our main market is Finland. In this blog I will document my daily learnings regarding the online business and maybe I’ll touch on my personal life, too. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]

Right now I am focusing on improving the customer service side of our business and creating automatic processes to increase customer satisfaction. I am doing this with WhatsApp and Chat bots. Also we are looking to expand our services into neighboring countries (Sweden, Estonia) in the near future.

In my many years of doing business online I have learned how to build everything from the ground up - be it server setup and maintenance or setting up a Prestashop storefront - that’s the advantage of doing everything yourself and using open-source software. I am fluent in building scalable solutions using Docker and Kubernetes. I also enjoy learning new technologies and at the moment I am learning React programming.

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